Let your risk manager concentrate on managing risk. Relieve him from taking requests and updating limits

Your business locomotive will take off from this station to newer frontiers. The system acts as the track that connects your various branches and franchises seamlessly. What this means in effect is immense mobility for your business. Because with xLimitStation™, important functions like Branches/ Franchisees placing requests for increasing Limits of their customers, file uploads, instant updating of limits on ODIN™ terminal is just a click away. No longer does your Risk Manager needs to be saddled with attending to requests from Branches/ Franchisees; he can concentrate on managing risk.

What’s more, the system has been developed keeping the current needs and conditions of your business in mind. The system is thus inherently flexible and seamlessly lends itself to other products that you might already be using. To ensure that updates are reflected automatically on ODIN™, it only requires a specific patch from Financial Technologies for this purpose. Another quality product from the stable of XtremSoft Technologies, xLimitStation™ comes with various other features apart from the above mentioned ones. These modules are:

  • Branches/ Franchisees ability to track client risk status real-time
  • Decentralized approval/ rejections based on limits for Region, Branch, Area Heads
  • Instant updation of limits in ODIN™ terminal

Note: ODIN is the Trademark of Financial Technologies (India) Limited