xHawkEye™ Surveillance

Real-time monitoring of clients margins and positions

In a field where numbers are changing continually, you need a partner who will give you a bird’s eye view of all that’s going on. A partner who will keep a close watch and enable the Risk Manager at head office to monitor positions of each and every client. This is exactly what xHawkEye™ does for you. xHawkEye™ gives you instant feeds on clients whose Marked-to-Market loss has exceeded their Deposit amount, with the facility to instantly square off his position and bring him back in cover.

With this razor sharp software system, you can now swoop on better profits as your intra-day action ensures that dues from ‘potentially risky’ clients are nipped in the bud and are not allowed to turn into bad debts.

xHawkEye™ can also be deployed at Branches and Franchisees who can see the same reports but with data filtered only for ‘their’ clients.

Get ready for the big catches as xHawkEye™ helps you spread your wings and clasp success like never before.


  • Dashboard view for CEO/Top management
  • Online Cover Report
  • Live Trades of all Segments – NSE Cash, Derivatives, Currency; BSE Cash; MCX Commodities, Currency; NCDEX Commodities; ICEX Commodities
  • Rule based sell file generation – Maal-phodo utility (Sold as a separate module)
  • Minimal or zero manual intervention
  • Quick response in a crisis situation
  • Compliance related reports