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iTracker™ is your responsible and effective response manager. It keeps track of all issues raised by various departments and branches or franchisees. No longer will you be faced with frustrated branches or franchisees groping to get their issues resolved. The system also enables you to build a knowledge base that can be used to optimize time and resources spent on responding to common queries.

List of features that makes iTracker™ an imperative part of your business

  • Branches/ franchisees can raise queries and check on status of responses
  • Responsibility is pinned down and tracked
  • Archive/ History of queries available
  • Audit Trail available
  • Systemic solutions, FAQs and canned responses can be easily generated

Common Client Activation

This application provides an easy and intuitive data entry module with extensive validation rules to ensure that new client activation data is accurately captured. It has work flow concept with maker-checker based verfications, provides for decentralized activation and also tracks Form movement. It provides users with accurate and up-to-date information on the activation status of a new client. This application provides outputs to update Equity and DP BackOffice systems.
Day-end RMS

In literally less than a minute Day-end RMS module calculates ‘deposit’ amount and generates files in required format for ODIN, AsianCERC and NSE-iT trading terminals. It applies the business logic as per Broker’s requirements. The unique proposition is the speed at which the operations are performed. With this software you can compute fresh limits every day and are no longer constrained to use a ‘static’ limit for your franchisees or clients.

It is time you stopped pulling your hair trying to organize your CTCL Dealer IDs, the related information, upload to NSE and Certificate renewals. xCTCLOrganizer™ is here to take care of all that for you. All you need to do is to ask your Branches and Dealers to enter the information (as statutorily required) in xCTCLOrganizer and it will take care of the uploads. It will also alert you and the respective Dealer/ Branch of expiring NCFM certificates so that renewals can be done in time.
Circular Upload (Intranet)

Circular Upload is an Intranet feature where HO can upload circulars, news and other important instructions. All relevant information is accumulated at a single location where users can quickly locate them. This module obviates the need to send mails, maintain an up-to-date recipient list, track bounce backs etc. The module can also track users who have failed to open and read the circulars and generate exception reports for management.
Courier Management

Courier Manager takes the headaches out of tracking the status of your Client Activation Forms. It tracks various stages from the time the Activation form is dispatched from Branch/ Franchisee, until is it updated by Activation team into the Back Office systems. Branches can track the status of their forms any time at the click of a button.
Online Trade Reader

Your back-office system has various reports that equip you with much needed information. The value of these reports can be increased multi-fold, if only you could have these reports generated on a real time basis. Real-time with Trades read as and when they get executed on the exchanges and not just at end of the day. Online Trade Reader reads all the trades and seamlessly updates TradePlus™ back-office system. You can leverage your investment in back-office software by simply installing this application.
Broadcast Player

Continuous training and skill upgradation is absolutely vital to improve employee effectiveness. What better than to provide training hands-on. Broadcast Player facilitates just that. It captures the live Broadcast for NSE Cash, Derivatives & Currency segments, BSE Cash segment and MCX Commodities & Currency segments and plays them back. This can then be used by existing systems such trading terminals, charts etc which require Broadcast data. Training can thus be imparted in a real-life environment.