To stay ahead of your competitors you need a definite edge over them. xInfoVantage™ does exactly that for you: it acts in your favor to increase the qualitative distance between you and your competitors. The system is a unique performance tracking solution that percolates through the different (and diverse) layers – from HO to Regions, to Branches, to RMs, to Customers.

Carefully designed, this system can be customized to suit and complement your pre-existing business rules. xInfoVantage™ can be used to calculate incentive to Branches/ RMs as well as franchisee brokerage sharing. It is designed to provide MIS data on various businesses and not just broking business.

The many features of this system that enable you to get the best out of your business are:

  • Dashboard view of performance at each level
  • Ability to drill down to the most granular component of data – be it turnover or revenue
  • Online Incentive report
  • Online Performance and Shortfall/ Excess Report
  • Transparent system of incentive calculation for RMs, Branches etc
  • Transparent system of brokerage sharing with franchisees